Your Stories

Survival's a bitch when you're all alone - so let's survive together!

I want your stories - the good, the bad and the downright ugly. They don't need to be about car accidents, they just need to relay an experience you feel needed to be or still needs to be "survived." Something too that you can mention about a lesson learned or a way that you now see or appreciate differently would be fantastic/terrific/boombastic.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, physical injury is not the only thing we survive from in life, so if you want to share a story that is more emotional/mental in flavor, feel free to do so. And feel free to do it in any medium you'd like:

want to share poetry? do it. want to share a short story? do it. want to share a video? do it if you know how (I don't because I'm a newbie). want to share an image? do it. want to share a regular response as you would to a blog? do it and if you don't I triple dog dare you to.

Share your triumphs and sorrows, and know that no matter what, you're not alone, you're in a place where attitude is everything.

We could bitch that we had to go through whatever we've gone through but then I suppose if it had been worse we might not be here to bitch at all.

*Hooray us!

Share away, folks!


  1. Just for you Sassy. <3

    1. Tia - what a story! How very scary! I can relate to fear in child birth, I remember likening the apprehension to that moment you realize you want off the roller coaster as it tops the crest of the highest peak.

      So very glad despite this issue you still got to have two little bundles of joy - even gladder still that you survived - good job, mumma! <3

      Thanks for sharing!!!