Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rose #9 - A Year Later

A year ago...


If not for the kindness of the strangers who saw our car on fire and decided to pull us from the wreckage, the last year in our lives may never have existed.

When I first started writing about this, I wrote about the tragedy. I wrote about Jade's ileostomy bag, and about not being able to walk. I wrote about Mackenzie's struggles, scary surgeries and about the emotional traumas that linger after meeting death head on.

But today is different.

Today a year has passed and not a single one of us has forgotten to live.

Jade took her story on the road after having her ileostomy reversed and presented in front of an ostomy support group who needed a boost. Her take home message:

Mackenzie spent a year making some of the most incredible artwork EVER:

Jason and I became active in our community through volunteering and advocacy efforts aimed at helping to create a healthier more sustainable world.



Complete strangers risked their lives to pull us out...there is so much good in this world.

Not a single picture in this blog would have existed if we hadn't made it.

A rose??

Nah - a whole garden...